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About the founder

Lizzie is a TEDx speaker, speaker coach, and the founder of Unscripted Speech. With a diverse background in acting, improvisation, speech therapy, marketing, and sales enablement, she has analyzed the elements of effective public speaking and developed strategies to prepare for success. 


Her professional coaching experiences include TEDx, Google, and English language coaching at Northwestern University. She frequently works with senior leaders – individually and in groups – who are looking to increase their executive presence through confidence, clarity, and storytelling. 

Lizzie works with a wide range of career paths, including sales leaders, engineers, UX designers, product marketers, entrepreneurs, and international PhD students.​


Are you ready to present yourself more clearly and confidently?

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Coaching Services


Unscripted Presence Masterclass

Virtual | In-person 90 min
Capacity: up to 50 participants

Participants engage in group discussions and short exercises to develop a common vocabulary for delivery and preparation techniques, and will reflect on their own preparation and delivery habits. Participants leave the session with specific tools to prepare to present more clearly and feel more confident in future presentations.

Unscripted Presence Workshop

Virtual | In-person 4 hours
Capacity: up to 8 participants

This workshop combines the discussion and exercises of the Unscripted Presence Masterclass with the opportunity for participants to practice and receive feedback. Participants leave the session with a clear idea of their personal strengths and how to focus their own preparation in the future.


1:1 coaching

Do you have a presentation you're getting ready for? We can workshop your content and delivery to get you ready to connect with your audience in a whole new way.
Virtual | In-Person 50 min

Custom workshops

Conference coaching

Do you have a team that does a lot of presenting? Workshops are a great way to sample content, identify your strengths and areas for development, and build team connections.
Virtual | In-person 1-8 hours

The success of an event hinges on the impact of its speakers. We provide individuals or small groups with coaching and confidence in their final stages of preparation.
Virtual | In-person 25 min each

Practice Video Reviews

Anyone who signs up for 1:1 or group training will get access to feedback services on self-recorded practice. 

Expertise in

Accent clarity, Body language, Confidence, Introductions, Preparation strategies, Presence, Self-awareness, Storytelling, Thought organization, Vocal expression & effectiveness


Press & Testimonials

"In our short time together, I have learned so much about my personal style and habits. Lizzie's taught me tips, techniques, and has been brutally honest and, therefore, impactful." 

-Business Communications Strategist, Google

"Lizzie has taught me more in a matter of months about storytelling and presence than I learned in 15 years of finance."

- Program Manager, Google

"It was a joy to have Lizzie impart her wisdom and talents with us to help us become more confident in our own abilities. She gave very clear and actionable feedback to every person in the group which helped us all walk away with something we could work on."

-Product Marketing Manager, Google

Read an interview with Lizzie published by Welcome to Jungle. Her advice on crafting and delivering an elevator pitch apply anytime you're presenting. 

Lizzie as a speaker

Lizzie takes pride in practicing what she coaches.

Take a look at her recent TEDx talk and speech at NYU's graduation ceremony after completing her Master's Degree. 

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