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Meet Lizzie

Communication Skills = Career Development

I started my career with Google in 2017.  Pulling from experience across acting, improvisation, speech language therapy, and business, I have developed strategies for what makes effective communication and how we can prepare for it.

In the last 7+ years, I've pressure-tested my techniques, speaking for large global audiences, delivering app-demonstrations at industry conferences, hosting trade show booths, coaching speakers in final moments before large convention presentations, and facilitating workshops on executive presence.  

Since beginning coaching 5+ years ago, I've had the privilege to work with a wide range of career paths, including sales leaders, engineers, UX designers, product marketers, entrepreneurs, and international PhD students.

I'm looking forward to working with you as well!


Are you ready to present yourself more clearly and confidently?

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  • LinkedIn
  • Accent clarity

  • Confidence

  • Expression (vocal, facial, physical)

  • Introductions

  • Preparation techniques

  • Presence

  • Self-awareness

  • Slide simplification

  • Storytelling

  • Time management

  • Thought organization

  • Unscripting  


Let's get you speaking confidently in a way that your audience will trust and relate to using the A.R.T. Philosophy:


We trust what we relate to, and we relate to what's authentic.


Authenticity is where preparation meets personality. It makes people lean in, pay attention, and feel like listening was worth their time.

​The balance of clarity, humility, and confidence is the recipe for relatability. 

With an A.R.T. approach, we'll build up to what makes your audience believe in what you're saying.


Coaching Options

Choose which coaching option meets your needs.

1:1 sessions

Do you have a presentation you're getting ready for? We can workshop your content and delivery to get you ready to connect with your audience in a whole new way.

Virtual | In-Person 45 min

Small group workshop

Do you have a team that does a lot of presenting? Workshops are a great way to sample content, identify your strengths and areas for development, and build team connections.

Virtual | In-person 2-8 hours

Practice Video Reviews

Anyone who signs up for 1:1 or group training will get access to feedback services on self-recorded practice. 


Press & Testimonials

Read an interview with Lizzie published by Welcome to Jungle. Her advice on crafting and delivering an elevator pitch apply anytime you're presenting. 
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